Monday, February 8, 2010

Man, she is growing up too fast!

Hello Blog Fans!  Yes, it's Glo, slacking again!  I can't seem to get in a Blogging routine now a days!  I have good reason to blog you this evening.  Miranda lost another tooth!  Yes, that makes 6 teeth in her 5 short years of life!  This tooth has been loose for a while though, but it was just so darn stubborn, that it wanted to come out on it's own time.  She is so happy that it came out without bleeding and hurting.  Woohoo!!!  Now, the tooth fairy is coming to see her and she actually went to bed VERY early for her!  She laid her head down, with her tooth under her pillow, at........drum roll please...........8:10PM!!!!!!!!!  Now folks, that's a record for this night owl!  I checked on her a couple of times and she was still awake the first time, but was out the second time, which was around 8:50PM.  That's still awesome!  You would think that I would have rushed on to bed behind the little stinker, but NOOOOOOO.........that would be too easy!  I decided to get on the computer and check emails, blog, facebook..........Lordy, I need to go to bed!!!!!!!!  It's 9:40PM, and I am still up!  Okay, okay......I will say goodnight to my blogging friends!  Until next time.................Yes, I know, it will probably be several months in between, but hey........I try!  Goodnight all!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Well, it's official!  Miranda lost her 2 front teeth now!  She lost her other front tooth at school this morning.  She said she was eating her cereal at breakfast and she said it fell out when she took a bite.  She was so excited when I picked her up from school.  They put it in a little green treasure box for her so she wouldn't lose it.  She cannot wait until the tooth fairy comes again!  Boy, that tooth fairy has really made a lot of trips to our house this entire year!  She has lost 5 teeth this year!  I cannot believe how fast she has been growing!  Anyway, I tried to take a few pics of her with both of her teeth gone and she won't open her mouth so we can see them gone.  Her 2 bottom teeth that have come in are touching her gums where she lost her teeth.LOL  So, hopefully you can tell by looking at these pics! 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

That makes 4!!!

Miranda lost her fourth tooth today.  What is so special about this one is that it is one of her top front teeth, you of the ones that you want for Christmas!LOL  She looks so cute without it.  I am thinking that the other front tooth will be out pretty soon too, because it is just as loose.  She lost her tooth at Cracker Barrel when she, my Dad, and I were going to have lunch there.  We had just gotten our food and she took one bite of her okra.  That's all it took for her to make her tooth go back towards the roof of her mouth.  Well, she started crying because it hurt when she bit down and then it started bleeding.  I took her to the bathroom and got some wet paper towels.  I asked her if I could pull it out since it was pretty much out anyway.  She insisted that I not pull it.  Well, we went back to our table to try and eat, and it just wasn't working for her.  So, she finally said I could pull it.  We went back to the bathroom and it didn't take any pulling hardly at all and it was out.  We still had some bleeding going on, so we stayed in the bathroom for a little while longer.  She told me she was freaking out!  I told her it was going to be okay.  I tried not to laugh when she said that.  Well, here are just a few pics of her without her tooth.  She is so excited now that it's over and done.  Now she wants the toothfairy to come and cannot wait to go to church without a tooth.LOL  You just gotta love the girl!

That pic is a little scary!LOL

Much better! :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I now pronounce you.........Just kidding!

Here is Miranda in her Halloween costume! She chose this, NOT ME!!!!!! She decided that she wanted to be a bride for Halloween this year. I really think she looked like a beautiful bride! We went to a few houses down our street and then had to go back home, because I had us walk across a ditch to get to one of the houses, and got her beautiful white dress muddy. I was a baaaaaad Mama and just ruined her night! We got home and had to take another bath to wash all the mud off. I felt terrible! She also ran in the Eric Griffin Memorial Run for kids this year for the first time. We have this run every year during the Gurdon Forest Festival, and this was the first year that I thought Miranda would like to run in it. She loved it!!!! She also won 1st place in her division! I was so proud of her! She got a tall trophy and all of the kids got medallions to wear like they were in the Olympics! It was really fun! Here are some pics of both Halloween and the race.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Miranda!

Well, today we had Miranda's 5th birthday party. This year I decided to enjoy one of them for once. We had her party at Play By Play in Hot Springs! Great idea!!! The kids had a blast and I didn't stress near as much as I usually do. These people are awesome! They provided everything from the cake to the balloons. The only thing I had to bring was the goody bags for the kids! I loved it, and Miranda told me that this was the best birthday party ever! That says it all for me! Here are some pics of her party.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Playhouse Disney!!!

A week ago today, Miranda, Harleigh(one of her best friends), me, and a co-worker of mine(Lisa Long), went to Verizon Arena in Little Rock to see a Playhouse Disney concert! The girls had a blast! I took a bunch of pictures, but I will just post a few of them. It's going to be hard deciding which ones, but I will do my best! This was part of Miranda's birthday present. We are having her b-day party on the 10th at Play-By-Play. I will take pics of that when the time comes. Just pray that I don't forget my camera! I have been really bad about doing that! UGH!

Look, no training wheels!

Well, okay, I haven't been blogging in ages! I know it, I am so bad!!! I have just been so busy lately! No time to blog, but of course I have time to Facebook! That site is a curse on's my addiction if you will! Well, I am going to make up for lost time and blog twice in one day! Woohoo! So, Scottie decides that Miranda needs to learn to ride her bike without her training wheels! Well, it didn't happen like he thought. She still needs to practice. It's not like he takes off the training wheels and VIOLA....she can ride without them that very second!!! She needs to practice at it, so these are some pics of her "trying" to ride her bike, but getting very frustrated, very fast!