Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pre-K!!! ALREADY?!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, folks! It's official! My baby is not a baby anymore! As I type here, she is at her first day of "big" school! CRY, you ask?! I cried yesterday when I dropped her off at daycare for the very last time, and cried when I picked her up from daycare for the very last time.......this morning?!! No, I did not cry. WHAT?!!! Yes, I couldn't believe it! I wanted to when I first walked in the door of the school, but I held it back. Miranda made it VERY easy for me. I was taking pictures of her, and she would make that sound and roll her eyes, like "Oh Mom, how embarrassing"!!! What happened to my little baby girl?! She doesn't want me there, taking pictures of her first day at school! Well, needless to say, I have only about 7 pics of her. The only ones that she smiled in are the ones I took of her at home right before we left. She isn't even a teenager yet, and she is already embarrassed of me. Actually, I want to say that she is embarrassed of me with my camera, not of just ME!!! Anyway, I gave her a hug and told her that I loved her and to have a good day at school and said that I would be back for lunch to eat with her. She said okay, and that was it!!! I walked out and went home. I can't wait to see how her day went. I am going to pick her up today and then Scottie will pick her up from then on since I will be in Arkadelphia at work. Yes, I took a vacation day just for this......can't help it people, she is my only baby! This is a milestone for me! Okay, I will let you know how it went! Have a good one my friends!

P.S. This first pic is of her little friends at her daycare on her last day there! CRY!!! Here I go again!!!LOL

Monday, August 3, 2009

Move over Tiger Woods........

Friday, we took Miranda to Pirates Cove to play her first round of putt putt golf! I would have attached a pic for you, but my loving husband won't let me have TEXTING!!!!!!!!! Yes, I forgot my camera and so I had to take a pic on my cell phone of her putting her first golf ball. She is pretty good at it if I say so myself. Yes, her Daddy helped her out a little bit, but she came really close to getting a hole in one a time or two. She loved it!!!!!!! In fact, she cried when we finished and had to leave. By the way, it was no charge for her to play, because they asked me how old she was and I said 4 years old. The nice lady said that she was free! Woohoo! We need to take her more often, but not sure what age it is to where you have to pay. Didn't really ask....should have though. She will be 5 on October 1st. Well, either way, she had a good time and so we definitely have to take her back there. It was fun for all 3 of us! Nice little family outting that we normally don't get to do. Darn, sure wish I had the pic on here........SCOTTIE!!!!!