Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swimming time!!!

Miranda got to go swimming at her cousin Shelby's birthday party. It was at a hotel in Texarkana where they have an indoor heated pool. She has come a long way since last year. She didn't want to put even a toe in the pool then, but now she wanted to go in it and swim. She loved it!!! In fact, she cried when we had to go home.

Just a swingin'!!!

Miranda got a new swing set for Christmas from her Grammie and Pops and we just now got it put together in our backyard. Talk about procrastinating.LOL She loves it. There are also some pics of her and Lakyn in Miranda's wagon having a ball!

More of the zoo

For some reason I couldn't put but 4 or 5 pics on one post. Anyway, here are more pics of the zoo!

Lions, and tigers, and bears....oh my!!!

Miranda went to the zoo for the first time! She went with me and her Pa(my dad). She had a blast!!! Here are some pics of some of the animals she got to see. I couldn't get many of her and the animals in them, but we got some good ones of the monkeys around there.

Chucke Cheese's!!!

Miranda and I went to one of her cousin's birthday parties. It happened to be at Chucke Cheese's in Texarkana. This was her first time to one of these and mine as well. She had a good time! It was chaotic in there.LOL She played games, ate pizza, and had her picture sketched on a machine. She was scared of the Chucke Cheese mouse though that was there to see the kids. She isn't real good with live BIG puppets/characters. I guess it's like seeing Santa Claus or something....she freaks out!LOL