Monday, April 27, 2009

A Fishin' We Will Go!

Okay, this is a little painful for me, because I didn't get to witness this event! On Sunday, April 26th, 2009, Scottie took Miranda to his Dad's farm and they went fishing with her new Dora fishing pole. Wellllll, she caught her first fish WITHOUT ME THERE!!! UGH! I missed her first fish! By the way, it was a brim, whatever that looks like......SINCE I DIDN'T get to see it!!! Sorry, there are no pictures but I WASN'T there to take pictures!!! Scottie of course, didn't think about maybe taking a picture on his cell phone....oh wait, he probably didn't even HAVE his phone. Anyway, she was excited and I was so proud of her! Scottie proceeded to tell me that she not only caught her first fish, she also pee peed(spell)outside for the first time too. I am kind of glad that I didn't witness that part, because I probably would have freaked out!LOL She was happy about that event as well. She was so dirty that I gave her a nice bath and scrubbed her from head to toe! Now I recognize my squeaky clean girl! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy belated Easter!

This was the best I could do considering the yucky rain and cold Easter morning! Miranda actually was disappointed in what she got from the Easter Bunny this year. I always use the same basket since she was a baby because I thought it was a pretty basket. Anyway, I am not sure if that is why she responded this way, but she said "Uh, Mama......he gave me the same thing like last time!" I couldn't believe it! There was only a couple of things that were the same....and that's just because I thought she liked the candy from last time.LOL Anyway, the little toys she got were different. I may just tell her that the basket is like a Christmas Stocking....we use the same basket/stocking, and the Easter Bunny will come and fill your basket like Santa does your stocking. Hopefully that will work. She is too smart for her own britches! Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pre-K is on the way!!!

Well, I took Miranda this morning to register for Pre-K here in Gurdon. It is a bittersweet moment for me. For her, it's just plain exciting! She gladly went with me and then as I was filling out paperwork, they were going to take her and let her play some games(test her skills out). She almost started crying when they were going to take her. I could tell that she didn't want to leave me. So, I asked if I could just walk her down there with them and they said that I could take my paperwork and walk into the room with her while she was tested. So, we did and they asked her about colors, counting, stacking blocks, listening to birds singing, balance, and all kinds of stuff to see how smart she is. She passed with flying colors!!! I was such a proud Mom, as always. They said that she had no problems at all to work on and that teachers just love students like this and that they will just eat her up! I was ecstatic!!! So, we went back to the front to finish out my paperwork and were done in no time. I even got to put down a preference of which teacher I would like to have. Everything went very smoothly and just hope that it stays that way. Well, her first day will be August 19th! I am still nervous about her first day and maybe even week. I just hope that she will do well. It's going to really be a weird feeling knowing that I won't be picking her up anymore after that day. I know I will get use to it. My baby is just growing up too fast!!! I know you mothers out there can relate!!! Like I said, it's a bittersweet moment.