Monday, February 8, 2010

Man, she is growing up too fast!

Hello Blog Fans!  Yes, it's Glo, slacking again!  I can't seem to get in a Blogging routine now a days!  I have good reason to blog you this evening.  Miranda lost another tooth!  Yes, that makes 6 teeth in her 5 short years of life!  This tooth has been loose for a while though, but it was just so darn stubborn, that it wanted to come out on it's own time.  She is so happy that it came out without bleeding and hurting.  Woohoo!!!  Now, the tooth fairy is coming to see her and she actually went to bed VERY early for her!  She laid her head down, with her tooth under her pillow, at........drum roll please...........8:10PM!!!!!!!!!  Now folks, that's a record for this night owl!  I checked on her a couple of times and she was still awake the first time, but was out the second time, which was around 8:50PM.  That's still awesome!  You would think that I would have rushed on to bed behind the little stinker, but NOOOOOOO.........that would be too easy!  I decided to get on the computer and check emails, blog, facebook..........Lordy, I need to go to bed!!!!!!!!  It's 9:40PM, and I am still up!  Okay, okay......I will say goodnight to my blogging friends!  Until next time.................Yes, I know, it will probably be several months in between, but hey........I try!  Goodnight all!!!!!!