Saturday, November 1, 2008

Under The Sea!!!

We had a good Halloween this year. Miranda dressed as Ariel and good ole Mom was a fall tree with a few critters on it.LOL Miranda got a lot of candy and we had a few bags left over from trick-or-treaters. Here are a few pics of Miranda dressed so cute! I hope everyone had a good Halloween as well!


Jennifer said...

I love your costume Glo! Shelby was Ariel last year! I wish I had known who she was going to be and I'd have let you borrow Shelby's costume!! Miranda's hair is perfect for her to be Ariel! What a cute, cute girlie!

Glo said...

Thanks Jen! I thought she was pretty cute. I don't guess I remember Shelby being Ariel last year. I bet she was cute too! I sure miss you and wish that there was time in our schedules to get together. Hopefully next year?!!!LOL