Sunday, July 20, 2008

Snip, snip

Well!!! I don't have pictures this time, but just had to share this moment with you! Miranda has been using scissors recently at daycare and so she wants to use them at home too. I told her that when you use scissors, that you only cut paper and nothing else. Don't try to cut your hair is one that I stressed on. Well, it didn't matter......she cut her hair today! I didn't know it until I was in her room and saw a clump of hair under her purple table. I freaked!!! I asked her if she cut her hair and then she freaked out too! She started bawling and wouldn't let go of me. She didn't even want to tell me where she cut her hair at. I finally took her hair down and brushed it to see if I could figure out where she cut it. It looks like she cut it on the left side of her head. Not too bad to notice anything, but I had to save her hair in a baggy so that I can label it saying "Miranda's first haircut, cut by Miranda on July 20th, 2008"!LOL Oh, but that's not all! She also cut her shorts that she had on her. There is a little slit on one of her legs to where she cut it. Good thing they were just hand me down shorts.LOL Then she wrote, with a pencil(fortunately), on her dresser in her room. What is going on with my child?!!!


Stephanie said...

You're brave...I don't even let L get ahold of the scissors. Well maybe since she freaked out she won't do it again :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! That little stinker!

Glo said...

She has been fine with them, because I watched her intently for weeks to make sure she was doing okay with them. So, I figured it was safe to leave her alone. Maybe as Steph said, she won't do it again since she freaked out. I won't let her have them right now unless either me or Scottie is watching her.